2012.12.02 zepp nagoya mucc shangri-la tour report Pt.2

Tatsuro Part


what tatsu looked like that day and perhaps this whole tour

Gothic Girl\(^o^)/


  1. He was acting out the lyrics during pureblack~
  2. When he appeared on the stage and it was 迫力満点~not girly at all~
  3. he had some black mouth make-up and it was ruined so quickly by how he likes to press the mic against his lips and got a mic shape mark like that \(^o^)/
  4. He took one of the fan’s glasses and wear it and said something like bad kids would be punished and that’s death sentense for everyone of you!!!!!!(sorry for my English~)
  5. they brought up a huge box on stage and tatsu jumped on it and sang half of 21st century baby on it
  6. dancing while pure black and other songs
  7. touching fan’s hands
  8. bowing~and the back is outfit during encore